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Computers and Repair

So you own a computer. Much like owning a car, one of the things that comes with owning a computer is maintaining it and/or fixing it when just doesn’t work any more or when there are just too many error messages. When I was a computer consultant, one of the places I worked was the Computer Helper. The folks that work here are knowledgeable, friendly and truly care about their customers and solving your problems as quickly as possible. When I am asked where I would go/call to get my desktop computer fixed I am happy to recommend the ComputerHelper. The ComputerHelper can also help you in assessing your computer needs and providing a new computer if you are in the market for a new computer. When I am asked about laptop repairs I refer people to LapTopTEK, the same place I take my laptops when hardware needs to be replaced and the same place I used to take customer laptops to. LapTopTEK also sells refurbished laptops at very reasonable prices. These businesses are in the San Jose, California area.


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